House Lifting

Home Elevation and Raising

Raising or lifting a home, has been much the talk since Superstorm Sandy. Many homeowners where left not knowing where to turn for financial assistance, or perhaps a contractor who has left the job unfinished. Getting your shore house up to code can be a daunting task.

Pittenger Builders is committed to making the process run smoothly. We have been selected by the NJ RREM program as one of their approved builders. Since the storm, we have had the pleasure of helping many homeowners get back into their homes.

The bulk of our home raising has been in the Monmouth and Ocean County. Pittenger Builders has also developed a trusted relationship with Dingy Movers, Inc. Dingy Movers has been in business since 1947, their experience in home lifting and moving is unmatched. You can be confident that we chose only the best for our homeowners. We use only reliable, fully bonded and insured movers. We ensure the manpower, equipment, and knowledge to provide the best experience.

Click on the name to learn more about Dingey Movers, Inc. and Dom Ross Jr., Inc., our trusted partners in raising your house!



What is the RREM Program?

The State of New Jersey has developed a program to help homeowners affected by Superstorm Sandy with $1.34 billion in federal funds to help eligible homeowners. The grants are for primary home residence, and for the necessary activities to repair or rebuild their Superstorm Sandy impacted homes. The RREM Program grant awards provide for reconstruction, rehabilitation, elevation and/or other mitigation activities. The federally funded program has designated approved builders, to ensure the quality and success of the work performed. Homeowners that participate in the RREM Program must comply with federal elevation requirements for structures located in flood zones.

The RREM Program allocates awards based on the cost of the repairs and any additional assistance received by the homeowner. Awards range up to $150,000, helping to "fill the gap" from other sources such as insurance, FEMA, SBA, and non-profit organizations.

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